The Shakespeare Society of Southern Africa


Funding guidelines | How to apply

Funding guidelines

The Shakespeare Society of Southern African has limited funding at its disposal that may be used to support Shakespeare-related projects.

The SSOSA executive committee has prepared the following guidelines/principals regarding the allocation of funding. It should be emphasised that these are guidelines to be followed and not criteria to be met:

  1. SSOSA will give preference to partnerships (shared funding models) over projects in which it is proposed as the sole funder. This is especially the case with theatre productions; the Society is unlikely to be in a position to finance any production in its entirety.
  2. Preference will also be given to projects / productions / participants with a proven track-record. Innovative start-up projects will, however, be considered if the individuals or organisations involved are able to demonstrate integrity and sustainability.
  3. A significant portion of the available funding is held in trust and, according to the terms of this Trust, may only be allocated to projects with specifically educational aims and outcomes.
  4. Projects should, as far as possible, be aligned with recognised transformation imperatives in South/southern Africa.
  5. Regarding theatre productions in particular, the Society’s support may take various forms:
    •   financial support to enable existing productions to tour where they might otherwise have been unable to do so
    •   endorsement
    •   dramaturgical input
    •   the development of teaching aids, resources and other educational material.  
  6. SSOSA will also look to support initiatives that are linked to and could disseminate existing/ongoing scholarly research in the broad field of Shakespeare studies.
  7. The Society hopes to encourage the development of new scripts, translations and other theatrical/literary material related to Shakespeare’s work.
  8. Projects and partnerships that obtain SSOSA’s support must report annually or on completion of the project, providing details of expenditure, project successes, obstacles encountered and specific outcomes.

How to apply

Applicants should provide a detailed description of the project/s in which they seek to partner with the Shakespeare Society of Southern Africa, showing where possible how it meets the considerations laid out in the funding guidelines. This should be accompanied by a budget, a project timeline and a set of expected project outcomes. 

Queries should be addressed to the Society's Secretary.